With its moderate climate, beautiful setting, and status as the eighth largest economy in the world, Italy is an attractive destination and business market alike.

Whether you’re planning a trip to Italy, have loved ones there, or are thinking about serving the Italian market, using virtual telephone numbers in Italy is a great communications strategy.

Below are a few examples of how you could benefit from getting an Italy virtual telephone number or a US call forwarding number that diverts to Italy.

Virtual Telephone Numbers Explained

First, it’s important to understand what virtual phone numbers are. They are essentially international call forwarding numbers. They do not have a specific phone to which they are tied. Thus, you can change the final destination number as desired.

In Italy, you can get either a toll free virtual number or a city-specific local virtual number for the country. These numbers look and act like other Italian numbers, but their calls are routed to the final destination phone number of your choice.

For example, you could get a virtual number for Orvieto and set it up so that all calls are forwarded to your office in USA. For callers living in Orvieto, Italy, the virtual number will look local — and they won’t incur costs as their calls are essential local calls (some local tolls may be charged depending on location). Meanwhile, their calls would ring to your USA office.

Possible uses forwarding calls from US cities to Italy.  Create a direct connection from the US to Italy:

New York call forwarding to Milan Italy, the New York subscriber can buy a 646, 347, 917 or any of several hundred other New York virtual numbers.  The calls will then be diverted to any phone, mobile or landline in Italy.

Rhode Island call forwarding to Rome Italy, the Rhode Island subscriber can buy a 401 area code virtual number.  The calls to this 401 number will automatically divert to any telephone, mobile or landline in Italy.

Connecticut call divert to Naples Italy, the Connecticut subscriber buys a 203 or 860 area code Connecticut number.  The calls are redirected to any telephone, mobile or landline in Italy.

Michigan international call forwarding to Torino Italy, the Michigan customer  buys a 313 or 734, 810 or any of hundreds of available Michigan virtual phone numbers.  The callers instantly connect to any mobile or landline in Torino or other Italian city number you desire.

Florida global call forwarding to Genoa Italy, Florida customers can own a 305 or 786, 407 or any of scores of available Florida virtual phone numbers.  The callers instantly connect to any mobile or landline in Genoa or any other Italian city of your choosing.

California virtual number diverts calls to Palermo Italy, California customers can own a 213 or 310, 916 or any of hundreds of available California call forwarding numbers.  The calls divert quickly and automatically to any mobile or landline in Palermo or any Italian city.

Illinois call forwarding to Florence Italy, Illinois customers can own a 708 or 773, 224, 630 or any of hundreds of available Illinois virtual numbers.  The calls are immediately forwarded to any mobile or landline in Florence.

New Jersey international call forwarding to Bologna Italy, the New Jersey customer  buys a 551 or 732, 609 or pick any of hundreds of other available New Jersey phone numbers.  The calls instantly divert from your New Jersey number to any mobile or landline in Bologna or other Italian city.

Ohio call forwarding to Venice Italy, the Ohio customer buys a 614 or 937, 740, 567 or select any of hundreds of other available Ohio virtual phone numbers.  The calls instantly ring from your new Ohio number to any mobile or landline in Venice or other Italian city.

Pennsylvania global call forwarding to Catania Italy, the Pennsylvania customer can buy a 484, 717 or 412 area code virtual number plus a huge list of other Pennsylvania city numbers to choose from.  The calls the Pennsylvania number automatically diverts to Catania Italy or any mobile or landline in any city in Italy.

Massachusetts virtual telephone number forwards calls to Verona Italy, Massachusetts customers can own a 617 or 339, 978 or any of hundreds of available Massachusetts call forwarding numbers.  The calls quickly forward to any mobile or landline in Verona or any Italian city.

View listing of Italy and US call forwarding cities and area codes here

So, how can getting Italy virtual numbers benefit you?

Depending on your situation, you could use virtual numbers in Italy to:

  • Build a local Italian business presence. If you serve customers or clients in Italy, having an Italian phone number helps your business to appear as though you have an office in the country. More importantly, it makes it easier, cheaper, and more convenient for your customers to reach you.
  • Create an image. Imagine being a fashion designer with a Milan phone number. Though you may not have an actual office in Italy, a virtual phone number could give you an image boost.
  • Create your own US virtual private number. Forward calls from the US to your Italy office or mobile phone.
  • Make cheap international phone calls while visiting Italy. Your Italy virtual phone number doubles as a cheap international communications tool. While in Italy, you can use it strategically to make cheaper international phone calls. Rather than using a calling card or your hotel’s long distance service provider, simply change the destination phone number to the international number you’d like to call and then dial your virtual number. You’ll be charged the low rates associated with your virtual phone number plan and avoid the higher costs associated with costlier methods.
  • Create a user-friendly way for Italians to reach you. If you routinely interact with business partners, colleagues, and loved ones in Italy, virtual phone numbers are a nice way to facilitate international communications. By giving your contacts a local or toll free way to reach you, they will have fewer obstacles to calling you.

These are just a few ways that getting an Italy virtual number can be beneficial.

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